• We have multiple references available.

    Upon your request, we will provide you with a personal contact at one of our customers to answer your questions.

    We link you with an individual contact to one of our business partners who best mirrors your business and logistics profile.

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  • Fabrication companies and trade firms

    • sourcing and distribution local, regional or international
    • one or more locations
    • shipping and logistic budgets of more than $1 million USD (incl. procurement logistics)

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  • M&A firms

    So far this economic sector has neglected the issue of logistics savings to the greatest possible extent.

    Contact us to find out how our expertise can influence a buying decision.

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  • Investment companies

    Do you want to know if you can increase the value of your shares by optimization of logistics?

    As shareholder you certainly have the possibility to introduce our services to the management board or steering committee.

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