It all starts with an audit

Initially we get to know your company during an audit. A few days are sufficient
to get a good overview and a first valuation of your current logistics arrangements.

Our project team starts in your finance and controlling department to identify the logistics
core areas. Following interviews will be executed with leading staff members along your supply
chain to determine your needs regarding logistics. After collection of relevant information
and data we will begin our analysis and cost benchmarks in the following weeks.
During the so called “Pony-Show” we will present our findings for enduring optimization.

Once this is complete you decide what is next!

Do you want to continue striking a new path?

Nein No? – Too bad! Our invest ends at this point.

Ja Yes? – Great! We will mutually define and prioritize sub-projects, which will then be executed and completed by us.

Getting started Diagramm